27 de octubre, 20:00 h

14 de febrero de 2016

Colecciones CIAC, A.C. y
Kadist Art Foundation

Jens Hoffmann

Centro de la Imagen

Plaza de la Ciudadela 2, Centro Histórico, del. Cuauhtémoc
Distrito Federal
T.: 4155 0850 

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Camera of Wonders offers an unconventional, idiosyncratic examination of the world through photography. It presents an associative montage of over one hundred photographs belonging to the collections of the CIAC A.C. and the Kadist Art Foundation. This exhibition’s point of departure is the classical cabinet of curiosities, a product of sixteenth-century Europe that displayed a wide range of often-unrelated cultural artifacts and artworks, inviting viewers to consider what kinds of affiliations or connections could be established between them.

Camera of Wonders imagines this structure on the scale of an entire gallery, where the juxtaposition of photographic pieces encourages viewers to discover unexpected parallels between them. The show proposes a configuration of these images within an architectural space in order to influence the ways in which visitors perceive, experience and interpret things. | Jens Hoffmann

Includes: Brassaï, Berenice Abbott, Doug Aitken, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Diane Arbus, Roger Ballen, Tom Baril, Lothar Baumgarten, Peter Beard, Bernd y Hilla Becher, Karl Blossfeldt, Erwin Blumenfeld, Bill Brandt, Elina Brotherus, Mario Cravo Neto, William Eggleston, Peter Fischli y David Weiss, Lee Friendlander, Nan Goldin, Andreas Gursky, Jonathan Hernández, Candida Höfer, Paul Horst, Seydou Keita, André Kertész, Adolf Lazi, Enrique Metinides, Tina Modotti, Jonathan Monk, Kiyoshi Niiyama, Gabriel Orozco, Irving Penn, Martha María Pérez Bravo, Albert Penger-Patzsch, Thomas Ruff, Aaron Siskind, Simon Starling, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Wolfgang Tillmans, Associated Press US Air Force, Arthur Felling Weegee, Edward Weston y Mariana Yampolsky.

Rodney Graham, Tree on the Former Site of Camera Obscura (Árbol en el antiguo lugar de la cámara oscura), 1996, Cortesía del artista y Kadist Art Foundation

Wolfgang Tillmans, Egypt lights III (Luces de Egipto, III), 2005, Cortesía de CIAC, el artista y Andrea Rosen Gallery, Nueva York © Wolfgang Tillmans

Mariana Yampolsky, Al filo del tiempo, 1992, Cortesía de CIAC, la artista y la Fundación Cultural Mariana Yampolsky, A.C., México D.R. © Fundación Cultural Mariana Yampolsky, A.C., México

Elad Lassry, Men (055, 065) [Hombres (055, 065)], 2012, Cortesía del artista y Kadist Art Foundation